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October 30, 2019 Using VS Code Remote Development with EC2 Instance Connect

VS Code’s SSH Remote Development extension is great. It lets you SSH into any remote server and visually see, edit, and transfer file. It’s a

August 21, 2019 Installing K6/Grafana/Influx DB on Ubuntu

K6 is a great load-testing tool that can spit reports out to Grafana via InfluxDB. To install the full stack on a full-stack Ubuntu instance, run

August 16, 2019 Using custom data sources in node-convict via the convict.load() function to simplify application configuration

node-convict is a wonderful NPM module that lets you declaratively define configuration settings via JSON (or Javascript objects) and where the

August 15, 2019 Getting and Parsing the Repository Root Using Git

Will print the full, absolute path for a git repo. This can be passed into sed for further processing. For instance: And, of course: This is useful

August 15, 2019 Invoke Automator Workflows From Terminal/Shell on OSX

Working on more automation around this blog, I learned last night that it’s possible to run Automater workflows from the shell: This can also be

August 15, 2019 Running Commands In the Root of a Git Directory

I work in monorepos a lot, and often finding myself needing to run commands at the root of a git repoistory from inside a package folder inside the

March 18, 2019 Running Background Shell Scripts Using Automater

As part of some recent housekeeping, I recently swapped the backend of this blog (powered by the wonderful from Dropbox to Git — the reason