Admitted to Grad School!

August 13, 2019

When it became obvious that I was actually going to graduate from undergrad, a few people started asking me what was next. My reply so far has been I don’t know, pretty much the same thing.” That’s mostly true, but not quite.

Today I was accepted as a [Master’s of Arts in Applied Professional Studies] ( candidate right back at DePaul’s School for Continuing and Professional Studies! This school is very similar to NYUs Gallatin (and other such programs), in that I’m responsible for essentially building my own degree program around a custom topic area — I’m choosing Applied Global Cybernetics” — which can incorporate traditional classroom-based, project-based, group-learning, and other non-traditional experiential learning.

Specifically, this means I will be researching the ways in which human experience changes when encountering technology and applying that research through aesthetic practices (art, essays, etc) with a particular focus on the global/transborder aspects of the human/machine relationship.

It’s a fully remote program, so I won’t be moving, but I may travel to leverage resources at a variety of cultural institutions and schools in short stints.I’ll start either this fall or (probably) winter 2020.

I’ll also be looking for a professional mentor” over the next few months to help guide my studies (there is a small stipend involved.) I have a shortlist but will appreciate any leads